What Happened When HE Microdosed Magic Mushrooms While Smoking Cannabis? (What Happened When THEY Microdosed Both Cannabis & Mushrooms?)

What Happened When HE Microdosed Magic Mushrooms While Smoking Cannabis? (What Happened When THEY Microdosed Both Cannabis & Mushrooms?)

What happened when HE smoked cannabis and microdosed magic mushrooms at the same time? What happened when THEY microdosed BOTH cannabis and magic mushrooms?

The Shocking Truth Revealed: What Happened When Jeff Microdosed Magic Mushrooms And Smoked A Doobie To Relax?

My name is Jeff and I’m from Neuro Growth.

One day when I microdosed I was having such a great day and I thought to myself, “Hey, I don’t have to go to work, it’s was just a hang-out-and-relax kind of day.” and I was like, “You know I’m gonna smoke a doobie here: let’s see what happens.”

So I lit up. What happened next kind of caught me off guard.

I had this vision of being in a classroom. I was sitting in my desk, resting my chin on my hand, looking toward the front of the room. On the left side there was a teacher scribbling furiously across the board. He was teaching math and trying to engage the class in solving a problem. 

On  the right side there was another teacher. She was trying to teach history at the same time! 

It made no sense! 

How can cannabis and magic mushrooms be compared to having two teachers teaching at once?

I could feel a slow, deep headache inching its way across my forehead. I lifted my head and moved my hand from beneath my chin to my forehead, rubbing it in an attempt to release the tension that was building up.  

My eyes darted left- math. Then right- history.

Left. Right. Left. Right. Left. Right. 

There was just too much information coming in and I was feeling a bit annoyed because I wasn’t getting anything out of either lesson.

That’s when it hit me.

Plant medicines are like teachers. The mushrooms have a message and something they are  trying to help you with. Cannabis has its own message and something it is trying to help you with. 

“When I microdosed magic mushrooms and smoked cannabis, something really hit home…”
Check out our YouTube video on this topic here.

I realized something: 

You don’t want to have two teachers in the classroom teaching at the same time. It’s a little confusing because you have a lot of messages coming in all at once. On top of that it is frustrating because there is no way you can take all of the information in and you will inevitably miss out on the good things they are both trying to teach you!

Don’t worry, my head didn’t explode or anything and the experience wasn’t the sort that shakes you up. I still had a great day and it was so relaxing but maybe not as relaxing as it could have been with both of my plant “teachers” trying to act on me at once.

I know I definitely would have gotten more out of microdosing that day if only one “teacher” at a time was talking to me BUT drumroll…

Would what I learned stop me from microdosing magic mushrooms and smoking pot at the same time in the future? …

Is It Dangerous To Microdose Magic Mushrooms And Smoke Cannabis Together?

So first and foremost it is safe you can definitely mix both a microdose of magic mushrooms and cannabis. There are many reasons why someone would potentially want to use both a microdose of mushrooms and smoke cannabis at the same time:

  • Perhaps you’re using cannabis to help with pain (for example using CBD for inflammation).
  • Maybe you’re using cannabis recreationally
Who may benefit from using cannabis at the same time as microdosing magic mushrooms?

Three Simple Steps To Help You Use Microdosing Magic Mushrooms To Stop Smoking Too Much Cannabis (My Best Tips)

One of my take-homes from my experience is that if you are someone like me who knows in their heart cannabis is more of a recreational thing (not a medicine you are using), I wouldn’t really mix the two. It’s not the end of the world and you’re going to be okay but I found I get the most out of microdosing if I use mushrooms for their own message and their own purpose.

I’ve actually had great success with overcoming addiction to cannabis by microdosing magic mushrooms. I love to smoke pot but I have abused it in my past and I have to be very present and real with myself when I smoke it now. 

When I was smoking cannabis too much I always loved to find someone who would try to justify my bad habit and say, “It’s fine, it doesn’t cause any harm.”

It kind of gave me validation that it’s okay to smoke a bunch of pot. I don’t want to do that for you. It doesn’t serve you or me. 

If you know in your heart you would be better off reducing your cannabis use, maybe even taking some days off (I know if you’re a heavy user that can feel so difficult), consider trying microdosing magic mushrooms. I’ll even give you some top-tier tips!

In my personal experience, these are my best two microdosing tips to kick smoking too much cannabis:

  1. Take half a microdose in the morning. On days I microdose now I typically take 200-250 mg of magic mushrooms in the morning. Exactly how much I decide to take varies within that range but I found when I was using microdosing as a treatment to get off of smoking marijuana, I cut that dosage in half and took 100-120 mg in the morning.
  2. Use calming rituals to replace smoking cannabis while taking the other half of the microdose. When I came home after work I would have strong cravings. It was just wired into my brain: this is when you go have a smoke, this is how you calm down. I knew I needed to replace my habit with a new one so I started making a tea mixing in a 100-120 mg microdose and taking it after work. It really helped me relax when the microdose kicked in. I usually feel it almost instantly (in about 15 minutes or less)! It helped me relax and I realized I didn’t need cannabis!
Can microdosing magic mushrooms help with addiction to cannabis?

As of now, there are not a lot of good studies showing how microdosing magic mushrooms helps battle addictions. What we do know is using cannabis over the long-term changes the brain and how it functions. It is challenging to quit cannabis cold turkey. I call bullshit when people say cannabis isn’t addictive. Experiencing withdrawal from cannabis is real, but the degree to which withdrawal symptoms are experienced varies from person to person.

3. If you are struggling with addiction, what I am about to tell you next is going to take your path to freedom to the next level.

My secret weapon in overcoming my dependency on cannabis wasn’t just microdosing magic mushrooms. It was WHAT I mixed with the magic mushrooms.

It’s called the Neuro Growth Stack.

What is that, you ask?

  • The Golden Teacher strain of magic mushrooms* (Optional where laws permit. This stack is potent for brain health even without psilocybin containing mushrooms)
  • Lion’s mane mushroom extract
  • Mucuna extract

All of these ingredients work together to stimulate the formation of new pathways and connections in the brain. What is the result?

  • Feeling relaxed and balanced without the cannabis. You feel whole again. It is especially true if you set an intention for your microdose. I highly recommend you check out our video and blog post about intention setting. This one thing changes EVERYTHING.
  • On the days you take a break from microdosing magic mushrooms, the benefits remain! (I follow a 5 days on, 2 days off regimen) It’s almost like microdosing carves out a trail in your brain and even on the days you don’t microdose, that trail doesn’t grow over!

If you need to tone down your cannabis use, microdosing magic mushrooms could be very helpful for you. Be very honest with yourself about your experience microdosing to help for addiction.

I know for me, I basically got to a point where I don’t really need cannabis if I’m microdosing magic mushrooms and vice versa: if I’m smoking cannabis that day I don’t find I have the urge to microdose mushrooms. However, that is just my personal experience. 

I am confident that if we use these plant medicines correctly, we can potentially heal and evolve our brains. My best tip is to keep your intent in the foreground: you want to know where you’re going and then you will actually get there. Find out more about setting intentions here and here.

Discover What Happened When They Microdosed Cannabis & Microdosed Magic Mushrooms At The Same Time

L and N had a different discovery when they combined cannabis and magic mushrooms. How they used cannabis was not the same as how Jeff did and the experience they had was not the same either!

What happened? 

Both of them were entirely present in the moment.

They were on a plant walk learning about native species of plant medicine: an opportunity to learn more about the medicinal plants species that grow in the area. 

L and N microdosed that day to help bring them into the present moment. They both had a lot going on that week and were wondering if it was even possible to spend the day in the mountains. They knew that if they could manifest this intention, taking the time-out for this event would be well worth it.

The grove the group was standing in was beautiful and even on this rainy day, it was easier than ever to appreciate. There are lots of places with this kind of energy and feel in the Rockies, but that day, this was THE. PLACE. The greens were a little greener. The smell of the fresh rain, pines and spruce were just a little more intense. The quiet sounds of the forest were brought into the foreground instead of being faint and distant. The richness of the entire experience was amplified.

One of the benefits of microdosing is feeling an increased connection to nature.
This is the beautiful place L and N spent the day in!

They followed the group through the woods and remarked on how chill and grounded they felt. Did they have any worries? None. They had all disappeared. Their minds were totally clear. 

L and N weren’t high, not even close, but the vibe was undeniable: life felt really good.  

It is rare for either of them to achieve this level of clarity and calm.

Sometimes it can be hard to just enjoy feeling what we are going through as it happens. There are just so many distractions, physically and mentally. If it isn’t your pocket vibrator (aka your phone) going off, there are multiple thoughts firing in your head at the same time. You might be doing mental math after reviewing your online banking a few hours ago, contemplating how you are going to tackle your to-do list or focusing on how annoyed you are to be standing out in the rain.

That day in the mountains L and N moved away from stress and distractions toward not only focus, but pure relaxation and peace with a strong connection to the moment. They succeeded in unwinding completely, something that almost never happens in their hectic, jacked up and hyper-connected lives.

This Is EXACTLY How L and N Used BOTH Magic Mushrooms & Cannabis To Completely Unwind & Peacefully Live In The Moment

We think the reason L and N had such a positive experience was because they kept the dosage of both magic mushrooms and cannabis as low as they could to feel a benefit. Here is exactly what they did:

  1. They each microdosed 200 mg magic mushrooms.
  2. They each microdosed a cannabis tincture that included 2.5 mg of THC. A liquid tincture with a dropper made it easy for them to precisely measure and make sure they were indeed microdosing (sorry, but it is pretty hard to do this with homemade brownies). Some people repeat the 2.5 mg microdose of cannabis in intervals throughout the day, but they didn’t: they just took it once.
  3. They discussed and set their intention for the day.
We reveal Brent and Andrea’s dosage secrets for both magic mushrooms and cannabis for an
optimally relaxing experience.

On this low key day where little was required of them, microdosing both magic mushrooms and cannabis was really, really serenity-inducing. Psilocybin and psilocin cause uplifting feelings, even in levels considered a microdose (optimally 50-250 mg). THC and CBD from cannabis produce a relaxing, calming vibe in a microdose (optimally 2.5-5 mg). Microdose them together and these three words describe the sensation best:

Quiet inner peace.

Because of how chill and relaxed this combo made them, L and N agree microdosing cannabis and magic mushrooms together isn’t for every day or occasion, so we made a couple of “Top 5” lists to help you decide when and if this mix is right for you.

The Top 5 Occasions When Microdosing Magic Mushrooms & Cannabis Would Suck

Trying to pull an all nighter? Microdosing a combo of magic mushrooms and cannabis is probably NOT going to help you be more productive.
  1. If you have lots you need to accomplish. While L and N felt focused and present, they were relaxed to the point where they were not really in productivity mode. Definitely avoid microdosing mushrooms and cannabis if you are trying to stay up late. They agreed the perfect end to this day would be a cozy and quiet one. Think campfire and blankets or movie at home on the couch.
  2. When you are working out. L and N were just on a walk/easy hike. This was the perfect level of activity. Easy and flowing. Anything intense would have taken away from the experience. This isn’t a combo that will make you have a lot of drive or stamina to bust out an epic workout sesh. They felt great but not anything close to pumped up. 
  3. If you are hoping to be a social butterfly. Connecting with a couple of friends felt natural and good but being outgoing in a social situation would not have been enjoyable. This put both in a state that welcomed quiet reflection and conversation.
  4. In situations where you will be over-stimulated. L and N could both tell there was a lot of internal work going on when they microdosed this time. Having to focus on external stimuli would have taken away from the strong feelings of peace this experience brought.
  5. At times when you feel the need to be on point. This isn’t how you want to feel when you are in a job interview, have a meeting with your boss, are having a serious conversation with your life partner or are meeting your inlaws. L and N found they were just a little too chill and relaxed for this kind of engagement. Microdosing magic mushrooms alone can help you set aside social anxiety and give you more confidence in conversation but combined with cannabis, it may be best to keep your day low-key.

Top 5 Occasions When The Magic Mushrooms & Cannabis Microdosing Dynamic Duo Would Be Awesome

Microdosing magic mushrooms and cannabis together: When would it be an amazing combo?
  1. When you are out enjoying nature. L and N felt in their elements in nature, like being outside right there and then was exactly where they were supposed to be. The first thing L said when we asked him what his first choice of activity would be while microdosing this combo, he said it would be fishing! Going for a walk or getting out on a lake in a canoe or kayak won the congeniality prizes.
  2. When you are nurturing a connection to another person. You probably wouldn’t want to microdose this way if you were just meeting someone for the first time, but when done with someone you know and trust it results in some pretty powerful conversations about life, ideas, dreams, and aspirations.
  3. If you are taking some time out for personal reflection. This could be a great time to read a book, journal or meditate. Thoughts flowed pretty easily, uninhibited by the distractions of the daily grind. 
  4. If you are getting creative. Build something, play with colour, sketch, dance, carve, write, photograph, film, cook, sculpt: you do creative you, whatever that looks like. One of our friends told us how he created a beautiful piece of art with his partner when they microdosed together.
  5. Get cozy. Listen to music, enjoy a movie, take a nap, snuggle down. The world is your lazy little oyster and all of these things would definitely be enhanced with a microdose of magic mushrooms and cannabis

When you consider these testimonials, you can see how every person is different and how each individual could have a very different experience incorporating cannabis into a microdosing regimen. There are lots of factors at play that will contribute to how you feel:

  • What activities you are involved in that day
  • When you microdose magic mushrooms
  • The dosage of your magic mushrooms
  • When you use cannabis
  • How much cannabis you use (microdose  vs. recreational dose)
  • How you typically respond to cannabis and/or how experienced you are with cannabis
  • How you typically respond to a microdosing magic mushrooms and/or how experienced you are with understanding your body’s responses to magic mushrooms
  • Your intention behind microdosing magic mushrooms and using cannabis

Once you consider these factors, you can move forward to the next step: 

Deciding if microdosing magic mushrooms in conjunction with using cannabis can be a part of your holistic treatment and healing. 

Please do not make the BIG MISTAKE and go it alone or without being informed. There is a lot to know about microdosing magic mushrooms and cannabis and there are benefits and some risks to consider. Never hesitate to talk to a medical practitioner or contact us for more information on how we can help. 

We wrote “A Complete Beginners Guide to Microdosing Psilocybin Mushrooms” to reveal to you the SECRETS and SHOCKING TRUTH about how microdosing can help with human optimization, depression and anxiety. It features incredible HERBS FOR ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION that work well for thousands upon thousands of people!

Check out the Complete Beginners Guide To Microdosing Psilocybin Mushrooms HERE

If you have confidential questions you would like to ask about micrdosing, message us using the secure contact for below.

Please note we do not sell psilocybin magic mushroom products or offer referrals for sources.

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1. https://fhs.mcmaster.ca/mcpharm/ejc/00oct_pa.htm

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