The Top 3 Reasons You Need Alternatives to Microdosing Magic Mushrooms

How to tell if you need a natural alternative to microdosing magic mushrooms to improve your mood.

Psilocybin is one of the least risky drugs for overdose- its toxiciy is low and deaths are rare. If that’s the case, why isn’t it for everyone? And what is Neuro Growth doing in the meantime to help?

People want to support their mental health and are drawn to microdosing because it is natural. So why are they frequently looking for an alternative to microdosing magic mushrooms before they even get started?

We often receive inquiries from people who have gathered a lot of information about microdosing magic mushrooms. Often they share that something is holding them back from giving it a try.

Many come to us because they have studied-up on the Paul Stamets Stack. Stamets’ “formula” pairs psilocybin with mucuna and niacin, a trifecta that took over the psychedelic world by storm in 2019. Most internet researchers are familiar with the Dr. James Fadiman approach too.

They Want to Try. Why Don’t They Buy?

Why are you still window shopping online for magic mushrooms?

Generally, people who reach out to us have also been window shopping online for magic mushrooms. Over the last year the number of online retailers of magic mushrooms and microdosing capsules has grown immensely. Magic mushrooms can be delivered to to your door within days. All you need to do is send an e-transfer.

Mail order microdosing capsules?

It sounds too easy, and for many people it is.

It’s also lucrative for sellers. Savvy retailers with a knack for advertising and cultivating trust and loyalty have a lot of earning potential. People, it seems, are ripe for the benefits psychedelics offer. At the beginning of last year we only knew of a dozen or so online microdosing capsule sellers in Canada. There are probably a couple hundred now.

Some online retailers appear to be doing quite well for themselves. We’ve done some market research. Typically Canadian websites are selling a month’s supply of microdosing capsules for anywhere between $60 to $150 CAD. Many companies have created their own formulas, combining medicinal mushrooms with psilocybin to broaden the benefits.

If the idea of taking a pill doesn’t suit you, many companies are also making microdosing chocolates. Most come with 2-6 chocolates, containing a combined total of 1g of magic mushrooms per package. Each chocolate contains one microdose or the opportunity of a little trip if you can’t stop after just one.

It’s so convenient.

Why then, are people holding out? Research is starting to show microdosing can improve mood, reduce anxious feelings, and help struggling people. It seems like exactly what people are searching for.

These are the Top 3 Reasons You Need A Natural Alternative to Microdosing Magic Mushrooms:

1. Your Symptoms Worsen

Easily one third of the people who reach out to us are concerned microdosing magic mushrooms might not help them at all or could make them feel worse…

What if it has a negative impact on my focus at work?

What if I have even less energy than I do now?

Could it interact with the prescriptions I take to support my mental health and make my symptoms worse?

What if I am even less happy?

What are the top 3 reasons you might need an alternative to microdosing magic mushrooms?

It’s not surprising these questions arise when people are looking to give microdosing magic mushrooms a try to support their mood. Most people who have a frame of reference around magic mushrooms only have one that exists in the space of much larger doses than a microdose. They have experienced a trip.

We believe there is no such thing as a “bad trip” and that plant medicines give you exactly what you need.

That said, perception is everything. If you had a “bad trip” and weren’t ready to release your self to healing in this way, it’s easy to see why you might approach even a microdose of magic mushrooms with some caution. Your past experiences with mushrooms and how you perceive them is powerful.

You Take Prescription Medications

Some of the most complex reservations we encounter come when someone is following the advice of a medical doctor and using a pharmaceutical drug (and often multiple drugs) to manage their mental health symptoms.

You have every right and reason to be concerned about drug interactions, particularly if you have been using your medications for a long time. One of the most specific questions we receive on a regular basis is whether or not it is safe to microdose while taking X medication.

A pharmacist or a doctor who knows your medical history and has a record of all the medications you are taking is going to be able to provide you with the most accurate assessment of whether microdosing psilocybin could be a substitution or addition to your protocol.

This often leads to a related concern….

Bringing up microdosing magic mushrooms to your doctor or pharmacist can be a stressful notion. Odds of them endorsing a protocol that is illegal, even if it could be beneficial , is unlikely.

Here’s the good news: Johns Hopkins University and other prestigious colleges your doctor and pharmacist have heard of are doing the work of discovering how psilocybin impacts mood, depression and anxiety. If he or she hasn’t heard about it yet, they will.

You Aren’t Sure What to Expect

The truth of it is, most people don’t know what to expect when microdosing magic mushrooms for the first time. What if you have more anxiety? Will your mood improve? Is it really possible to feel more connection?

These questions are easier for us to answer.

Mood, creativity, energy, focus and efficiency are commonly reported improvements from microdosing. This boost can make you feel happier, more empowered, stronger and more self-confident.

When consistently following a protocol and using the powerful practice of intention setting, many people are attributing breakthroughs in their mental health to microdosing.

2. Physical Discomfort

Discomfort and sensitivities can happen with such seemingly benign things as dairy products and bread. Can negative physical side effects occur with a microdose of magic mushrooms too?

Magic mushrooms have a relatively low level of toxicity. Compared to other psychedelics from nature like ayahuasca, iboga and peyote, you are unlikely to experience highly uncomfortable gastrointestinal disturbances like nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. These side effects are sometimes noted with tripping doses of psilocybe mushrooms, but are extremely rare when microdosing.

One common side effect to microdosing is headaches (though in the case of migraines and cluster headaches, some people experience relief from their symptoms). This can be a deterrent to microdosing. Though some people are able to mitigate headaches with increased water intake while microdosing, not everyone finds relief from this side effect.

Some people feel like their sense of vision or other senses are sharpened when they microdose magic mushrooms but these changes can be perceived to be disruptive and aren’t always appreciated.

Insomnia, tingling in the extremities (neurological sensations), reduced appetite and temperature dis-regulation are less common physiological discomforts associated with microdosing. In most cases, these side effects will subside with some lifestyle adaptations or the addition of synergistic herbs to a microdosing protocol. For some people though, they are enough to prompt a search for another natural alternative to microdosing magic mushrooms.

3. Illegality Isn’t a Risk You are Prepared to Absorb

Most people tell us the reason they don’t start microdosing is because it is still illegal.

Illegality is the biggest reason people don’t buy their virtual cart full of capsules online. It’s the same thing that keeps buyers from meeting sellers in person.

Considerations beyond the laws also prevent people from shopping online (or in person) for microdosing capsules:

  • Privacy of digital and banking records
  • Internet security
  • The security of mail
  • Not knowing whether the source can be trusted to provide a quality product
  • The cost and potency challenges associated with buying an unregulated substance are a deterrent
  • The social stigma surrounding the use of magic mushrooms and the feeling of needing to hide your activities from others

Some people choose to wild harvest or cultivate their own mushrooms. In places were possession of magic mushrooms has been decriminalized, these are likely the most secure ways to obtain them.

People want to microdose magic mushrooms because they are looking for a natural way to ease stress. Unfortunately, for a lot of people who travel and work abroad, it isn’t an option. Legal risks of packing your microdosing capsules or buying them in another country are significant.

Illegality is a hard pill to swallow when you are taking such a tiny dose to improve your mood. It shouldn’t feel criminal, but in most countries, it is. This means that for now, microdosing is a no-go for most people.

News: Neuro Growth is Soon Releasing a Natural, Legal, Viable, Alternative to Microdosing Magic Mushrooms

This has been in the making for a long time.

As educators on herbal medicine with a special curiosity for microdosing. Like so many of you, we have been patiently advocating for the ability to use psilocybin as medicine in Canada.

It’s just the beginning of the journey. There are companies getting licenses to grow for clinical studies. Mercifully, a few terminally ill patients have been granted legal rights to use psilocybin in professional therapy.

These are definitely victories and we celebrate them. However, we could easily be 5-10 years from seeing psilocybin decriminalized or regulated for sale and use.

In the meantime, we wanted to make an offering.

In 2020 we set out to procure the most powerful stress-reducing legal mushroom we could deliver to you. It had to be potent and have a proven track record for bringing a focused, relaxed state of calm. Through careful and experienced sourcing and a proprietary process, we are going to be able to share it with you.

But how does it compare to microdosing magic mushrooms? We know that’s the question you are asking.

Let’s talk about what Neuro Growth’s new product is NOT…

  • This product is not psychedelic
  • Not made with synthetic substances
  • Not diluted with fillers or additives
  • Does not contain psilocybin or psilocin
  • NOT something you are likely to have heard of or seen before.

While we aren’t ready for the BIG REVEAL quite yet, here is what it is…

  • The highly concentrated essence of the most adaptogenic component of an ancient medicinal mushroom.
  • Unrivaled for thousands of years as a rare and precious tonic herb to calm the heart and mind.
  • Fast acting and rapidly absorbed by the body for zen-like focus and productivity.
  • A tonic herb, legal and safe for long term use for most people.

Who shouldn’t take this product?*

  • People who are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Those who have bleeding disorders or are taking anticoagulants or anti-platelets. This product can cause these drugs to become more effective, which increases the risk of bleeding.
  • People who are scheduled for surgery. Always notify your doctor of medications, supplements and herbs you are taking. You may be required to abstain from them for a time before your operation.
  • This product may also lower blood pressure. Your doctor may not recommend it if you already have low blood pressure or are taking blood pressure medications.
*Always talk to your health care professional before making lifestyle or dietary changes, including the addition of natural herbs.

It’s Not Magic, But This is a Superior Alternative to Microdosing

In the world of herbal wisdom, plants, mushrooms, minerals and even animals work together in synergy. There are seasons for every offering of nature. The one we are making has connected with us and we know it is the right time for it.

Our product is an incredible alternative to microdosing magic mushrooms or a powerful accompaniment to it.

You can be first in line to our launch and get exclusive Microdosing Online Classes by becoming a patron of Neuro Growth here.

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