How Microdosing My Coffee With Magic Mushrooms Transformed My Day (Instant Results!) Without Making Me High

How Microdosing My Coffee With Magic Mushrooms Transformed My Day (Instant Results!) Without Making Me High

When I saw the instant results of magic mushroom microdosing coffee, I couldn’t shut up about it. If you know me, you heard about it. I Instagram-ed the shit out of the idea and the response was epic. People sure love their coffee and magic mushroom microdosing! The very first time I spiked my coffee, it transformed my day (and no, not because it made me high).

If you microdose magic mushrooms, you may be curious to know about what coffee can do for your regimen and about the effects of caffeine on it. If you don’t microdose mushrooms and want to know what the heck I am talking about, check this out:

Complete Beginner’s Guide to Microdosing Psilocybin Magic Mushrooms.

Find out what happened the first time I microdosed my coffee with magic mushrooms…

“It isn’t even 8:00 in the morning and already the day is falling apart.” I think to myself.

I hate feeling like this. Feeling like if anyone gets in my way I might sucker punch them square in the face and go right for the K-O just to make sure I eliminate the risk of anything or anyone else interfering with me just trying to do me on this Wednesday.

I wonder if anyone else is noticing my left eye’s occasional twitch. They better not because I feel a Hulk smash coming on. How many days until the weekend?

Does that sound slightly neurotic? Good. Because that’s how it is on days like this. I just can’t handle one more thing, no matter how little, annoying or aggravating me.

If I hadn’t stayed up to binge watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine last night. If I didn’t have to do a load of laundry before going to work this morning. Had I actually went grocery shopping so I wouldn’t have to improvise a lunch from pickles, mustard, cheese, tortilla chips and salsa… I wouldn’t be feeling this way.

There was one thing I did do, however. A couple of nights ago I learned how to make cold brew coffee. This isn’t just iced coffee. Oh no. This is the QUEEN of mother-truckin’- chilled coffee you guys.

Cold brew requires a different extraction method than your typical hot cuppa Joe. You are using cold filtered water, coarse ground coffee, and you need a long steep time. Sound complicated? It’s not. It is way easier than making coffee the usual way and the BEST thing about it is you can make a big batch and it stays delicious and keeps for up to two weeks in the fridge! Believe it.

If tasty coffee-for-days didn’t sell you on why to consider taking up cold brew, the cold water process also makes it less acidic and bitter than regular brewing. Maybe you aren’t a fan of cold coffee? I hear you, friend. We’ve already got you covered: you can heat up cold brewed coffee and still enjoy the convenience of having coffee on tap and the benefit of less acidic coffee!

When I woke up that Wednesday morning on the wrong side of the bed, I grabbed my travel mug, filled it half full of ice cubes, put a splash of almond milk and added 1 teaspoon of maple syrup over the rocks. Then I filled the remaining space in my cup with half cold brew and half spring water. Finally, I cracked my microdosing capsule over the works and gave it a stir.

Upgrading my morning coffee with a microdose of magic mushrooms changed my day instantly.

I sipped my spiked coffee over the next half an hour as I hustled to get out the door. When I sat it my car, the results were immediately obvious. I breathed in, and out. I had completely come down from stress-fueled-hot-mess I was in!

In 30 minutes my mindset switched from “Why is it only Wednesday?” to “Hells yeah! It’s only Wednesday!”

The next time I microdosed my coffee? Same result. Again and again.

The Fast & Easy Way to Make the Perfect Magic Mushroom Microdosing Cold Brew Coffee at Home (Just 5 Steps!)

Life is too short to scroll through thousands of words to find the recipe at the bottom of the page, so here it is! You don’t have to spend $4 at your favorite coffee chain for their fancy brew or buy any fancy equipment because you can make it just as good at home.

Here’s how:

  1. Coarsely grind your coffee beans! You can make your batch o’ brew small or large. The key to success is using a 4:1 ratio of water:coffee. We suggest using a dark roast coffee for increased alkalinity.
  2. Add the grinds straight to a French press and make sure the coffee is fully saturated (set aside your plunger for now). You can also use a glass pitcher or a mason jar. If you go for the pitcher or jar as a vessel, put your ground beans in a coffee filter (or nut milk bag) and tie it tightly closed with a clean rubber band and then put that in your jar or pitcher. Cover your press or container to prevent the absorption of funky fridge odors.
  3. Place in the fridge for 12-14 hours.
  4. Plunge the French press as you would normally or gently squeeze the filter. Voila your cold brew concentrate is ready! Cold brew concentrate is twice as strong as regular coffee so when you drink it, use one part concentrate to one part water.
  5. Fill your glass half full of ice. Pour 50% cold brew concentrate and 50% cold water over top. Break open a microdosing capsule (or weigh out your microdose) and stir the contents in. Optional: add dairy or non-dairy milk or cream to taste and sweeten with maple syrup or liquid honey.

How to Spike Your Hot Coffee With a Microdose of Magic Mushrooms

You’ve already mastered making a hot cup of coffee your way. That’s the best way.

To microdose it you just have to do one little thing: bust open that capsule or weigh out your microdose and stir it into your coffee.

Microdosing a hot coffee is as easy as 1- brew your coffee, 2- add your microdose, 3-sip away!

It really is that simple. One of the great things about coffee to help the medicine go down is you cannot taste mushrooms (so long as you are using the small amounts in a microdose) and you can even customize your brew with other herbs and extracts like the ones in our free ebook.

The Secret Ingredients to Achieve Focus & Productivity by Microdosing Your Coffee with Magic Mushrooms

Starting with caffeine. There are a few rumors in the world of microdosing forums that caffeine renders microdoses of psilocybin ineffective. Let us put those to rest right now by looking at another favorite combination: microdosing magic mushrooms and chocolate.

When we are talking about chocolate as a way to take a microdose of magic mushrooms, we are referring to using bars or elixirs (superfoods drinks) made from raw cacao. The psychoactive compounds in raw cacao (including caffeine) work in harmony with each other and with psilocybin, which makes chocolate a great way to get your microdose on.

A microdose of magic mushrooms works effectively when combined with raw cacao and also with coffee: there is caffeine in both.

Note: Some people are extremely sensitive to caffeine and suffer adverse effects from consuming foods that contain it, and if that’s you, we recommend you peace out when it comes to this magic mushroom coffee.

Other ingredients are also part of my morning coffee upgrade. The Neuro Growth Stack used to make the microdosing formula contains:

  • lion’s mane mushroom
  • a microdose of either 100 mg or 200 mg of psilocybin-containing magic mushrooms
  • an herb called mucuna (we’ll talk about this one later)

The two mushrooms in the stack work together and actually make each other even more effective at increasing focus and productivity when used in combination! Mix them with coffee and you are literally sipping on liquid gold and your procrastination-powered-distracted-self is about to get a kick in the pants.

There is a lot of research happening at Imperial College London, John Hopkins University and University of Toronto that is revealing breakthroughs in neuroscience when parts of the brain are unlocked by microdoses of magic mushrooms. Even with a dose so small you can’t directly feel it, magic mushrooms are waking up and connecting parts of the brain that aren’t used to communicating.

Lion’s mane mushroom

Lion’s mane has had a reputation for its superfood prowess in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years and research is now showing lion’s make has so many benefits:

  • enhances cognitive function
  • supports the heart and circulatory system
  • reduces inflammation
  • may be protective against certain cancers
  • may improve digestive health
  • anti-inflammatory
  • may be a natural remedy for depression and anxiety
  • improves mental health, particularly for people who are at risk of dementia
  • boosts immune health
  • helps with neuro-degenerative conditions like neuropathy, Parkinson’s Disease Alzheimer’s Disease and Muscular Sclerosis: lion’s many appears to be able to improve the health of nerve cells and may be the only substance on earth (and it’s natural!) that can heal nerve damage.

It’s no wonder that when these two mushrooms are used with coffee you set yourself up for a productive day. Life doesn’t go according to plan most days and I for one find it helpful to have a tool like magic mushroom microdosing coffee to give me an edge on days when everything unravels.

I Didn’t Know This Would Happen, but The Difference Has Been BIG

Let me tell you a little secret: I am a new coffee drinker. This nice little morning ritual is still in its infancy for me, and even though we just met, I think I’m in love. Waking up to a cup is pretty divine.

I love it so much I was often finding myself looking for an opportunity to refill my mug mid-afternoon. The thing is, I’m rarely at home this time of the day and I was starting to need an afternoon-coffee-fund. When you add it up, a store-bough coffee a day costs quite a bit over the course of a month!

When coffee costs anywhere from $2-5 at a time, it’s nice on the wallet to want it a little less often.

But…when I started microdosing my morning coffee, I noticed I wasn’t craving coffee later in the day. In fact, I wasn’t even craving it most mornings anymore, but on the mornings I did start my day with a coffee I found my focus and productivity were even keeled. Even on days I was running on too little sleep, I didn’t get that hankering.

Microdosing my morning coffee actually resulted in me drinking less coffee.

I think this is because when I do enjoy a microdosed morning coffee it is not only satisfying, the chemistry happening is superb. I don’t even think about another cup later in the day! I wouldn’t say I am addicted to coffee, but I do know microdosing magic mushrooms is effective for some people as a treatment for addictive substances and behavioral patterns. Maybe this is why I am actually feeling the urge to drink coffee a lot less often.

So hey, if microdosing helps you do less of that thing you know you shouldn’t be doing, that can make a big difference in your life!

The Number One Thing you are Going to Feel Thanks to This Little Known Secret


That’s it. Pretty sweet, no? And even sweeter is that can be backed by science.

Do you ever wonder why you feel so good when you drink a cup of coffee? It’s because caffeine has an immediate impact on mood by stimulating dopamine and serotonin receptors in the brain. Caffeine even causes a little adrenaline rush. These are all of your feel-good neurotransmitters. Yes, coffee is a psychoactive!

There are mixed scientific reviews of coffee though. Some research indicates once the adrenaline wears off it leaves you feeling depleted and impacts your mood negatively. I have noticed this feeling a couple of times (but like I said, I am not a big coffee drinker) but never when I have microdosed my coffee with mushrooms.

We aren’t about to tout coffee as a health food. It has been well-studied but the human body’s response to coffee and caffeine is highly variable due to people having so many different lifestyle and physiological factors. Chances are you know whether or not drinking coffee is a practice that is serving you or hurting you.

If coffee makes you feel good, that’s great! If not, that’s okay too! Honor your body. What we can tell you is that some people respond very well to magic mushroom microdosing coffee!

Denver-based company Strava agrees. It is one of the rare but growing number of cities in the world that has decriminalized psilocybin magic mushrooms and pending regulatory approval they are set to roll out a magic mushroom microdosing coffee sometime in 2020. (1)

Chemical reactions in the brain that occur from ingesting caffeine, a microdose of magic mushrooms, and mucuna cause elevated sensations of bliss.

We said we were going to talk about mucuna later. Here we go. Mucuna is actually a bean (velvet bean) and it is high in L-Dopa, the precursor to dopamine. L-dopa stimulates the brain’s dopamine receptors. Mucuna has been incorporated into the blend we reference as the Neuro Growth stack.

While too much stimulation of dopamine receptors is a bad thing, a little goes a long way and for people who are struggling with low dopamine levels, the odd caffeinated kick with a little mucuna boost is likely a good thing!

We recommend cycling on and off microdosing to offer the brain ample treatment and restorative time and in stacks that include mucuna, this means you get a little break from this too. A break helps to make sure you don’t build a tolerance and helps to ensure these potent plant medicines remain effective.

How to Boost Nerve & Brain Healing Benefits by Adding a Few Simple Ingredients to Your Magic Mushroom Microdosing Coffee

You’ve learned how a microdose of magic mushrooms and lion’s mane mushroom work together to help heal the nervous system and improve the health of the brain.

If these are your focal points for improving your health, listen up.

Adding healthy fats to your magic mushroom microdosing coffee can make it so the psychoactive compounds in magic and lion’s mane mushrooms are more effectively able to penetrate the blood brain barrier. What does this mean? The medicine is delivered more effectively to your body so it can do what it needs to do.

Coconut butter

We suggest the following fats:

  • coconut butter, ground unsweetened shredded coconut flakes (as opposed to coconut oil, which is heavily refined)
  • collagen & coconut creamer powders
  • liquid or powdered MCTs
  • Ghee

You don’t need a lot! A teaspoon to a tablespoon goes a long way!

Are You Trying to Improve Your Energy But Having Zero Success? Do You Finish Every Week Feeling Even More Drained than the Last? This Could Be Your Game-Changer.

If you respond well to caffeine, incorporating some lion’s mane and mucuna (and possibly a microdose of magic mushrooms, understanding the legality of this substance is uncommon and variable) could help you conquer depleted energy levels.

The tough thing about managing energy is there is no silver bullet. Quality sleep, taking time out for yourself, getting outside, moving your body and just generally doing things that make your feel good can’t be neglected without consequences and unfortunately, energy is often the first thing we notice a decline in.

Microdosing magic mushrooms may help improve mood and make stress more manageable, which could lead to better sleep and an increased desire to do things you enjoy. Coffee might be the thing that gets you out the door.

Make sure you take a multi-faceted approach to re-energizing yourself. Chances are there are a number of things you can start doing today to help!

Some Final Thoughts

There are definitely some things to consider before deciding if magic mushroom microdosing coffee is a something you are going to give a go. The good thing is now you are armed with more information.

Have questions about microdosing you would like to ask confidentially?

You can reach us by completing the secure contact form below. Please note we do not sell psilocybin magic mushroom products or offer referrals for sources.

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