Top Magic Mushroom Chocolate Making Experts Reveal How To Make The BEST Chocolate Bars For Microdosing FAST… Even If You Suck In The Kitchen

Top Magic Mushroom Chocolate Making Experts Reveal How To Make The BEST Chocolate Bars For Microdosing FAST… Even If You Suck In The Kitchen

Do you want to learn how these raw chocolate makers craft the best chocolate bars, that cold be used for microdosing where laws permit, fast? It only takes 20 minutes and you can do it too, even if you suck in the kitchen. But first, a game. Let’s see if you can guess what this super easy recipe makes:

  1. Boil water on high. 
  2. Open the box. 
  3. Remove the flavoring packet.
  4. Add the pasta to the water. 
  5. WARNING: DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP OR YOUR POT WILL BOIL OVER. Reduce temperature to medium-low heat and cook 7 minutes. Stir occasionally. 
  6. Strain the noodles, throw them back in the pot.
  7. Add ¼ cup of milk and 2 tbsp of butter. 
  8. Stir in the flavouring packet.


Like dinner.

Can you guess what I just made? I’ll bet you can…


The answer is…

Kraft Dinner. (Kraft Mac & Cheese if you aren’t Canadian)

Do you remember the first time you made KD? I do. I was in the third grade. 

At a young age my younger brother and I had to learn to be independent for a couple hours a day without killing each other. For our working parents, after school care was out of the question and a couple days a week, that meant we had to cook our own supper. 

One of the first things we learned was how to cook on the stove, because no one can live on peanut butter and jam sandwiches forever and those were already our staple school lunch. Our culinary talents were expanded to include Kraft Dinner.

The reason KD is the ultimate convenience food is because:

  • Anyone can make it from start to finish in 15 minutes. 
  • It only requires two outside-of-the-box ingredients, making it the world’s easiest meal kit.

This is why adults like it even when they have mastered some kitchen skills: it’s just SO FAST AND EASY. I’m sure it also helps that it supposedly contains cheese, but I digress.

As an adult, I can’t say I love Kraft Dinner, but I can say with complete conviction that:

I LOVE convenience. 

I like it when recipes are easy, have uncomplicated ingredients and taste great.

Those are the recipes I make over and over again. One of those things I make regularly is my own chocolate from scratch in just 10 easy steps!

Have you ever felt making your own magic mushroom chocolate bars is too complicated? 

Would you like to know how to make delicious magic mushroom chocolate bars for microdosing the easy way…

even if you suck in the kitchen…

even if you have never made chocolate before?

Are you interested in knowing how we make our microdosing chocolates with literally no fancy kitchen gadgets, out of 8 simple and natural ingredients, in 20 minutes?

If so, we’ve got you covered. Chocolate covered. Our team has a passion for making chocolate and we are going to show you all of our secrets.

These Are The Only Ingredients We Use In The Base Of Our Magic Mushroom Microdosing Chocolate: Guaranteed To Be Delicious And Increase The Effectiveness Of Microdosing Magic Mushrooms

We are going to show you how to make a batch of 6 delicious magic mushroom chocolate bars for microdosing THE EASY WAY. For a one person who microdoses on a 5 day on 2 day off regimen (i.e. 20 days a month) this is enough for:

  • a 3 month supply at a 100 mg dose *
  • a 1 ½ month supply at a 200 mg dose*
*These ingredients are optional where legality permits. Please follow local laws. Note that this is potent mood elevating chocolate even without psilocybin mushrooms thanks to the neuro-generative properties of lion’s mane mushroom and the L-dopa in mucuna!

We encourage you to check out our YouTube video where we show you how to make microdosing chocolate from start to finish!

The base of our chocolate is two SIMPLE, ORGANIC ingredients:

Choosing the best cacao products for your base will ensure that your chocolate is delicious and it actually increases the effectiveness of your microdose! How exciting is that?!

Discover How The Best Cacao is Made and You Will Never Use Anything Else For Microdosing Magic Mushrooms!

We absolutely love the Arriba Criollo variety of cacao from Ecuador. On top of being the best quality, this variety is ethically sourced from a company that raises incomes and creates jobs, empowers women and young people, sustains peace and preserves vulnerable ecosystems. 

It’s also the cleanest cacao. One thing you need to realize is that chocolate production can be very dirty. I’ve seen cacao and cocoa companies who ferment their beans on the roadside (with vehicles zooming by just inches away!). When their products are packaged and opened after shipping they smell rancid and of exhaust fumes! I’ve also found “special little extras”: bits of trash, plastic, stones and even cigarette butts- disgusting! 

Cacao beans that are dried on the road like these are often full of contaminants.

In contrast, Arriba Criollo cacao is produced in all the BEST ways. After the ripe pods are cut down from the tree they are split open, the rinds are thrown away and the pulp and seeds are left to ferment in clean trays, covered so they are protected from environmental contaminants. During this time the pulp “sweats” and the fermentation process begins, which softens the bitter flavors and unlocks all of the aromatic properties of the cacao beans. 

The inside of a cacao pod showing the pulp and seeds.

With most cacao, the fermentation process is followed by roasting but Arriba Criollo cacao beans remain un-roasted and are sun dried, keeping them raw. This ensures the heat sensitive nutrients retain all of their amazing properties. 

Check out these beautiful cacao beans!

The cacao beans are crushed into cacao nibs (which we use in our recipe to add crunch) and the nibs are ground into a thick paste called cacao paste (sometimes called cacao liquor or mass). 

Cacao paste is made up of cocoa butter (55-60%) and suspended fine cacao particles. Raw cacao paste is pressed until the cacao butter and cacao “cake” separate from the butter. The cacao cake is then ground to make raw cacao powder!

Cacao paste tastes the most similarly to a chocolate bar (without the sugar) compared to all other cacao products. It is 100% pure chocolate, so it is quite bitter! I still love it though. One of my favorite treats is to dip a chunk of it into almond butter or raw honey and savor it. Cacao is abundant in antioxidants such as flavonoids, and many other nutrients and minerals like stearic and oleic fatty acid, anandamide (the bliss chemical, which we can’t wait to tell you about), theobromine, manganese, zinc, copper, sulfur, PEA, and tryptophan. 

Cacao has a lengthy list of health benefits:

  • Anti-inflammatory and heart-protective properties
  • Contains calming hormones
  • Helps restore feelings of well-being
  • Increases energy
  • Anti-aging
  • Appetite-suppressing properties
  • Improves kidney and cognitive functions
  • Theobromine offers skin and tooth protection

And it does more! Cacao is one of the most complex foods on the planet and contains compounds scientists haven’t even identified!

The Arriba Criollo variety is considered worldwide to have the finest floral aroma and flavor profile of all cacao varieties. It has been said that “what the fine arabica bean is to coffee, the even finer and rarer criollo bean is to chocolate”.

Can you see why Arriba Criollo cacao is THE chocolate for microdosing?

This Little Known Microdosing Secret Is A Game Changer! Unlocking Cacao’s Psychoactive Powers With A Little Magic

Did you know that cacao has psychoactive compounds?

It’s true!

The Mayans used cacao to harness the psychoactive compounds in a chocolate drink (you can too if you make our Magic Mushroom Hot Chocolate Superfood Elixir for microdosing! If drinking chocolate is your thing, make sure you check out the video. They discovered the combo of mushrooms and chocolate had harmonizing effects. As it turns out, they are a cosmic match, provided by nature. 

When psilocybin-containing magic mushrooms and cacao are combined, a mild antidepressant and therapeutic agent for panic disorders and social phobias is released and your body actually makes better use of the dopamine it has. This is referred to as MAO-inhibition. It makes the brain healthier by blocking the enzymes that break down:

  • Serotonin (the neurotransmitter responsible for happiness)
  • Norepinephrine (the neurotransmitter that regulates focus, emotions, sleeping, dreaming and learning)
  • Dopamine (a hormone and neurotransmitter that affects emotions, movement and sensations of pleasure and pain)

Geez, no wonder mushrooms and chocolate feel so good when consumed together!

The Bliss Molecule: Ananda-What-A-What?

Cacao also contains a molecule that is hard to pronounce but easy to enjoy. It’s a neurotransmitter and it is called “anandamide.” 

Anandamide is a natural cannabinoid (yes, the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis). It is very similar to THC and stimulates feelings of happiness and bliss. 

This One Thing Makes Cacao the Ultimate Love Potion of the Gods

So maybe anandamide wasn’t hard to pronounce. Here’s another word for you:

Phenylethylamine (PEA for short)

When you are in love the brain releases PEA and guess what? It is also found in cacao and it induces feelings of love, empathy and compassion.

We always knew in our hearts that chocolate is an aphrodisiac aka a “love potion.”
Making it magic mushroom chocolate for microdosing takes it to the next level and our method reveals how fast and easy it is!

Are you wondering where you can get your hands on cacao yet? 

You might already know just the right place but if you don’t tell us where you are from in the comments and we can help you source it! 

These 2 Ingredients  Will Transform Plain Chocolate into the Best Chocolate for Microdosing Magic Mushrooms, Without Question!

What makes our chocolate recipe THE BEST microdosing recipe are two little ingredients that pack big benefits.

Our “Mane” Squeeze!

Our “mane” squeeze is lion’s mane mushroom! Lion’s mane can do so many exciting transformative things but these are the main benefits that made us absolutely flip over it:

Lion’s mane is a superstar of the fungi kingdom all on its own but the REALLY COOL thing about it is that when you mix lion’s mane with psilocybin-containing magic mushrooms, they potentiate each other. In other words, they work together amplifying each other’s benefits.

This Bean is Dope!

Mucuna is actually a legume, also known as velvet bean. It has another name that sums up its benefits perfectly:

The dopa-bean!

It was a no-brainer to add it to our microdosing chocolate when it can do all of this:

When taken in synergy with cacao, lion’s mane and magic mushrooms, mucuna enhances feelings of pleasure and reward and amplifies the overall microdosing experience.

Now, without further adieu, the BEST recipe for making magic mushroom chocolate bars for microdosing!

The Fastest and Tastiest Recipe: How to Make Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars For Microdosing in 10 Easy Steps

Yield: 6 x 60 g bars, 10 microdosing servings per bar

Prep: 20 Minutes Cooling: 15 minutes


95 g cacao butter (or ¾ cup)

95 g cacao paste (or ¾ cup)

153 g maple syrup (or ½ cup)

32 g cacao nibs (or ¼ cup)

1 g Himalayan pink salt or sea salt (⅛ tsp)

1g vanilla extract powder (⅛ tsp), optional

3 g mucuna extract powder (1 tsp)

3 g lion’s mane mushroom extract powder (1 tsp)

6 x 1 g portions of Golden Teacher variety psilocybin dried mushroom powder (Optional: Please note psilocybin is illegal nearly everywhere in the world. Make sure you know your local laws.)

A Note on Chocolate Molds:

When you microdose, you only use a sub-perceptual amount of magic mushrooms so it is really important to make sure the powerful plant medicine in these bars is evenly distributed. 

This is absolutely our absolutely favorite chocolate bar mold.

What we love about it is that each bar contains 10 sectionals. That means:

  • Each bar is a two week supply of microdosing chocolate when you follow a 5 days on, 2 days off regimen at 100 mg of magic mushrooms per day OR 
  • Each bar is a one week supply of microdosing chocolate when you follow a 5 days on, 2 days off regimen at 200 mg of magic mushrooms per day

This mold works perfectly with this recipe. Each bar holds ¼ cup of liquid chocolate. Mixing the right amount of melted chocolate mixture and magic mushroom powder for one bar at a time and pouring each bar separately makes it simple to ensure every bar contains 1 g of dried magic mushroom powder.

The mold in the link above makes perfectly portioned microdosing chocolate bars. That’s why we think it is THE BEST choice for making our bars.
Each bar weighs about 60g.

(Other molds or even zippered freezer bags can be used for making chocolate bars instead of the mold we recommended but you may have to adjust how much liquid chocolate and how many grams of magic mushrooms you add to them so you still take the correct dosage on the days you microdose.)


1. Make a double boiler to melt your cacao paste and butter: Fill a small pot (1.5 L/6 cup capacity) about ⅓ of the way full with water and bring to a boil. Rest a Pyrex glass bowl (or other bowl made of heat resistant material like stainless steel) on top of the pot. The brim of the bowl should be larger than the brim of the pot to prevent any water condensation from getting into the bowl as the water beneath it boils and steams. Bring the water to a boil and turn the stove to simmer or the lowest heat setting. 

The SECRET to Getting the Perfect Creaminess and Darkness So Every Batch of Chocolate You Make Tastes Great 

2. Add the cacao paste and butter to the bowl. You can take some creative liberty here, as long as you keep the total combined mass of the cacao paste and butter to 190 g (1 ½ cups). If you prefer a creamier, lighter chocolate you can replace some of the cacao PASTE with cacao BUTTER. The more cacao BUTTER you use the lighter (or whiter!) your chocolate will be. If you prefer a darker chocolate you can replace some of the cacao BUTTER with cacao PASTE. The more cacao PASTE you use, the darker your chocolate will be. In this recipe we used 95 g cacao butter and 95 g cacao paste and liken that to about a 60% dark chocolate. If keeping your chocolate raw is important to you, use a candy thermometer to ensure the temperature of the melted chocolate mixture never exceeds 115 degrees fahrenheit. 

Avoid this BIG MISTAKE! Find Out the Only Two Sweeteners We Use When We Make Chocolate

3. After your chocolate is melted, it is time to add your sweetener. If you are avoiding sugar for any reason you can omit it from the recipe entirely or scale it way back. If you like a sweeter chocolate, you can add more sweetener. Taste it as you go to make sure you are happy with the flavor. 

Whisk or stir ½ cup maple syrup into your melted chocolate until it is completely blended in.

THIS NON-NEGOTIABLE TIP WILL HELP YOU AVOID A BIG MISTAKE: use liquid sweetener instead of dry sweetener. We prefer maple syrup (vegan) or honey. When you whisk maple syrup or honey into your melted chocolate it will blend seamlessly, keeping your chocolate perfectly smooth. 

Granular dry sweeteners like coconut sugar or cane sugar are hard to dissolve completely and negatively impact the final texture of your chocolate.

4. Blend ¼ cup of cacao nibs in a blender or coffee grinder until they are a fine powder. Stir them into your chocolate. This adds a nice crunch to your chocolate and makes the flavor even more rich. They will not dissolve so you will notice a bit of texture in your chocolate. This is exactly what you want!

You can skip grinding the cacao nibs altogether if you would like big crunchy bits of cacao in your bars.

5. Add the salt. This will help bring out all the flavors in your chocolate and balance the bitterness of cacao with the sweetness of maple syrup.

Never Put this Well-Known Ingredient in your Chocolate or You will Ruin Your Whole Batch and Flush Money Down the Drain!

6. Optional: Add vanilla extract POWDER to your chocolate. You could substitute this with  vanilla essential OIL.


Your chocolate is oil-based and water and oil, as you know from first grade science, do not mix. 

In chocolate-making, adding alcohol or water based vanilla extract will result in your chocolate seizing, basically transforming it into a big, clumpy mess. Don’t do it. You will ruin your whole batch. What a waste of time and money!

7. Whisk in the lion’s mane mushroom and mucuna extract powders. 

If you would like to add any flavourings like essential oils (think a few drops of peppermint, orange, rose, etc.), do so now. Like with vanilla, all other flavorings must be oil based. Add a few drops, stir, taste, and add a little more if you feel the need! Just 3-4 drops at a time. Remember, you can always add more but you can’t take it out if you go overboard!

8. Now it is time to mix in the magic. Portion your magic mushroom powder into 6 x 1 g portions. Take ¼ cup of the melted chocolate mixture and pour it into a small bowl. Whisk in 1 g of magic mushroom powder and pour it into ONE of the bar molds. Repeat for the other 5 molds. 

It is important to mix the magic mushroom powder into each ¼ cup of melted chocolate for each bar separately to make sure it is spread evenly between the 6 bars.

If you would like to add in any other mix-in’s now is the time. Try things like trail mix, nuts, dried fruit, bee pollen, pine pollen, or coconut shreds.

They Say You Should NEVER DO THIS, But You Totally Can! Discover The Fastest Way To Solidify Chocolate So You Can Eat It Right Away

9. Your bars have been poured and now they are ready to cool! You may have heard you cannot cool chocolate in the fridge, and that is true for tempered chocolate (the rapid cooling as well as the high humidity in the fridge or freezer can mess with the temper, i.e. the ability of the chocolate to stay solid and *snap* at room temperature), but since our chocolate isn’t tempered, you can pop it in the freezer for 15 minutes or in the fridge for 30 minutes so you can munch on it pretty much right away! Fridge and freezer temperatures vary slightly so make sure your bars are cold and firm all the way through before you pop them out of the molds.

Guarantee Your Homemade Chocolate Lasts Longer with This Tip

10. Congratulations! You just made the MOST MAGICAL, superfoods chocolate bar! Protect your spoils by storing them in the fridge or freezer in an airtight container. At room temperature, particularly in the summer, your chocolate is susceptible to softening, so there’s no telling how well it will keep if you leave it out. And of course, keep your bars out of the reach of children.

One little square of chocolate can transform your day when it has all the right ingredients!

We would love your feedback! Post a comment or share with us privately through our comment form below!

What is your favorite chocolate bar? 

Did you make this recipe? Did you toss in some add-ins and blow your own mind with deliciousness? What were they?

Have you ever microdosed magic mushrooms using chocolate before?

Neuro Growth’s goal is to provide resources, information, and engage people in conversations about microdosing. We hope you find this space informative and helpful as you learn more about microdosing with superfood synergies!

Check out the Complete Beginners Guide To Microdosing Psilocybin Mushrooms HERE

Where can I Obtain Psilocybin Mushrooms for Microdosing?

Please note that we do not sell any products containing psilocybin or offer sourcing referrals.

Growing your own psilocybin mushrooms may be an option if it is legal to cultivate them in your locality. In countries where psilocybin is legal you may be able to purchase a grow kit.

Magic mushroom grow kits and their spores are legal for sale in many countries. Cultivating them is also legal in many jurisdictions. Know your laws.

Also check out They Don’t Get High But They Do Get Shocking Results: What Happens When Work Day and Weekend Warriors Microdose Magic Mushrooms? Does it Help with Symtoms of Anxiety and Depression? , Setting Intentions: 10 Ways They Will Set You Up For Microdosing Success and Help You Live Your Most Authentic Life, Why Microdosing Magic Mushrooms Could Replace Antidepressants Faster Than We Think, What Happened When He Microdosed Magic Mushrooms While Smoking Cannabis? 

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      Jeff really likes that silicone mold but Andrea has made a lot of chocolates and prefers hard plastic molds because she finds it is easier to get the chocolate out without breakage. Chocolate shrinks ever so slightly when it cools and separates from the edges of a mold. Andrea finds it easier to remove chocolate from the mold without breaking the chocolate when using hard plastic molds or ice cube trays.

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    i am making magi chocolates for my first time ! i was going to do a trial run with no magic just to make sure i dont mess up the chocos. do you think thats necessary? this is the best recipe ive found so far, without all the tempering mumbo jumbo. can i use any paste/butter? thanks!

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    I have used your recipe and Instruction twice now to make wonderful magic mushroom chocolate bars. They came out so good. Utterly Delicious, so convenient for tripping, and VERY potent. I will eat a few squares depending on my Intention, and have had full blown trips and also explored lighter microdosing experiences with these chocolate bars. They’re so good I’m sharing with friends and local community!
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