The Best Thing Since… Microdosing Magic Mushrooms!

The Best Thing Since… Microdosing Magic Mushrooms!

The #1 Legal Alternative to Microdosing Magic Mushrooms is finally here! You’ve asked and we are here to deliver.

Neuro Growth Reishi Spore Oil is the #1 Legal Alternative to Microdosing Magic Mushrooms

The introduction of Neuro Growth Reishi Spore Oil Gel Capsules has been over a year in the making. As a team, Neuro Growth weaves the use of medicinal mushrooms into their everyday lives. They are food and traditional allies for our health. We incorporate them into our days and have experienced their abundant benefits. Medicinal mushrooms truly have the ability to balance and align.

Our goal is to be able to help as many people as we can benefit from them.

Neuro Growth is passionate about educating about psychedelics, specifically about microdosing magic mushrooms. Thousands of conversations with people like you have taught us an important fact:

The one thing that keeps people from microdosing mushrooms most is that they are illegal.

We want to bring relaxation and calm to as many people as possible through mushrooms. However, we know that if we want to do this TODAY, we need to be different. That’s why we are bringing you a legal alternative to microdosing magic mushrooms.

Also, would you would like to know our BEST TIPS for optimizing Reishi Spore Oil? We will show you how it works best for daily maintenance and high stress situations!

Empowering Your Health Sovereignty with Legal Alternatives

Fighting for your health sovereignty is so important. With so many schools of thought and regulations out there, we can’t all expect to be on the same page when it comes to psilocybin. Besides, there’s got to be alternatives. Nature in her infinite wisdom has provided them.

Our team’s Master Herbalist has been using Reishi Spore Oil as a defense against stress for years. The rest of the team has been putting it to the test for the last year to see if it really does compare to microdosing in its ability to calm the mind and centre the heart. If there ever was a time to put one of the most potent, adaptogenic forms of a mushroom to the test, this was the year.

Reishi Spore Oil delivers.

We found that at 2020-21 stress levels, Neuro Growth Reishi Spore Oil is the one thing we could rely on to take us out of our headspaces and bring us back to heart-centre. This has been critical to maintaining our focus and productivity in all of our human experiences this year.

Thanks to the expertise of our Master Herbalist, Neuro Growth has secure to a premium organic source of Reishi Spore Oil. We are excited to bring you this rare, potent, powerful and legal alternative to microdosing.

Transforming Reishi Spores Into Liquid Gold

Log Grown for Maximum Nutrient Density

Duanwood logs provide the growing medium for our source of reishi mushrooms. These logs are nutrient dense, organic matter that provide an array of nutrients to the mushrooms as they grow and ultimately help us produce rich, golden, Reishi Spore Oil. This careful cultivation produces mushrooms that grow healthily into nutrient-dense powerhouses. What mushrooms grow on is important. Mushrooms grown on mediums that aren’t rich in nutrients produce mushrooms with less nutrient density!

As the reishi mushrooms grow and mature, they begin to produce spores. Spores are the reproductive part of the mushroom. They contain all of the biological components to form new mushrooms!

Furthermore, Reishi mushroom spores are valuable to humans because they are a concentrated source of triterpenes (triterpenoids). Triterpenes the most adaptogenic compounds of the reishi mushroom.

Herbs that are adaptogens are a special category of medicinal plants: they contain special compounds that harness the intelligence innately present in your body to cope with the symptoms you experience with mental and physical stress. They bring you back into balance or homeostasis.

Understanding Triterpenes - Important Compounds in Neuro Growth's Legal Alternative to Microdosing
Harvesting spores from reishi mushrooms. Reishi Mushroom Spore Oil is a dense source of triterpenes,
associated with Reishi Mushroom Spores’ superior ability to calm the mind and body.

Neuro Growth Reishi Spore Oil is a Super-Concentrated Legal Alternative to Microdosing

A proprietary process called Supercritical CO2 Extraction transforms reishi spores into Neuro Growth Reishi Spore Oil.

To show you by example, it takes 100 kg (220 lbs.) of fresh reishi mushroom to produce just 1 kg (2.2 lbs.) of reishi mushroom spores.

A New Legal Alternative to Microdosing - How Neuro Growth Reishi Spore Oil is Made
Reishi Spore Oil Extraction Process – Image Copyright Neuro Growth 2021. All Rights Reserved.

Next, cell walls of the reishi spores are cracked. This prepares them for Super-Critical CO2 Extraction. Our Reishi Spore Oil is encapsulated in beef gelatin capsules when the extraction process is finished.

As a result, just one 500 mg capsule of Neuro Growth Reishi Spore Oil contains the equivalent of 25 g (about 5 teaspoons) of reishi mushroom spores and 150 mg of triterpenes.

A Reishi Spore Oil Capsule A Day Keeps Stress Away

Most people find that taking one Neuro Growth Reishi Spore Oil gel capsule a day is effective for promoting:

  • general calmness
  • focus and productivity
  • getting into “the flow state.”
  • ability to wind down
  • more restfulness

Reishi Spore Oil doesn’t contain compounds that cause drowsiness. Reishi mushroom spores are adaptogenic and bring you into balance.

What does this mean?

Reishi Spore Oil will try to moderate the your feelings (i.e. mood/stress) and bring you into equilibrium. While your body strives to achieve balance, it is possible you will feel the need to rest more. Your body is always talking to you. If you feel like you need more down time or even sleep, listen to the reishi!

Taking Neuro Growth Reishi Spore Oil during the day will help you get into the flow state. Popping a capsule after work or in the early evening can help evoke relaxation and calm and help you be present at home. Taking it at night time can incline you toward rest.

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When Dealing With High Stress Situations, Try Reishi Spore Oil

Some days are harder than others. It is important to look for ways to remove or re-distribute stressful circumstances to keep your workload balanced. Not only that, the amount of emotional bandwidth you can provide, needs to be sustainable overall.

Nonetheless, stressful events and situations arise. This happens despite your best efforts at planning and “going with the flow.” Neuro Growth Reishi Spore Oil can be part of your First-Aid Kit for stress.

A New Legal Alternative to Microdosing

In anticipation of or during a high stress situation, try taking a reishi spore oil capsule and pausing for 10-15 minutes to dial into how you are feeling. If you aren’t feeling even a little bit more calm after taking one gel capsule, try taking a second gel capsule to help you get through the stressful event.

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Neuro Growth Reishi Spore Oil is now available to Canadian and US customers (Hawaii and Alaska excluded) exclusively through our e-commerce mushroom shop!*

Wholesale Opportunities are not available, but if you have any other inquiries about Neuro Growth Reishi Spore Oil, please let us know through our Contact Form below.

*Always check with your health care provider before making any changes to your lifestyle or treatment plan, including if you are considering incorporating natural products. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, or have a diagnosed medical condition, please check with your health care team to find out whether reishi mushroom is safe for you.

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