Dosed Movie Reveals Treating Addiction with Psychedelics as Medicine, Not Magic (The Risks and Realities)

Dosed Movie Reveals Treating Addiction with Psychedelics as Medicine, Not Magic (The Risks and Realities)

In the ad, the hand on the left was filled with street and prescription drugs and the hand on the right with magic mushrooms and ibogaine capsules, immediately stopping my Instagram scrolling: I paused to check out the Dosed movie trailer, a new, independent film about treating addiction with psychedelics.

Official Trailer for Dosed

Brutal Honesty About Drug Addiction and Pharmaceuticals: Big Pharma Doesn’t Want You to Know This

It’s not often you see a movie poster that is so brutally transparent. Cocaine and opioids are literally being held up against plant medicine. The emotional response to the ad is equal parts jarring and raw. Without even knowing the story the documentary follows, you instantly get the sense the message is going to be potent.

Within minutes of starting, the film reveals a harsh reality. Millions of people suffer from depression. Many turn to pharmaceutical drugs (which shockingly are only work for about 30% of patients). Antidepressant drug companies alone still profit tens of billions of dollars.

It is unfathomable that for most people who seek help, the effectiveness of the medicine being prescribed by doctors is unpredictable.

The One thing More Compelling in the Film than Treating Addiction with Psychedelics

Treating drug addiction, depression and anxiety with magic mushrooms and ibogaine might have drown you to his film. What will get you in deep is Adrianne.

The documentary follows the story of a young woman named Adrianne. Her narrative forces you to check your notions about what it means to be a drug addict.

Adrianne is an intelligent person. She comes from a good family that loves and supports her through her ups and downs. Overall she had a happy childhood I get the sense was quite typical. In her mid-teens she began experimenting with alcohol, which served as her gateway to cocaine use. As her drug use stepped up, it progressively became a gamble with life and death. Adrianne had no way of knowing which hit would be her last.

To cope with the effects of cocaine use, over the years doctors have prescribed Adrianne anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medications and opiates. Over time, she became increasingly more depressed and anxious.

Can treating addiction with psychedelics replace treatment with opioids?

There is something transcendent about how Adrianne tells her story of what it is like to be an addict. It makes it very easy to develop a connection with her. I had no idea how emotionally invested and attached I would become to Adrianne. I vibrated through most of the movie as her story resonated with and through me.

Adrianne is so raw and vulnerable. One might be tempted to say she is courageous. I think Adrianne would feel she is just being herself. She is doing what she needs to literally try to save her own life.

I forgot that I was watching a film…

I was sitting on the edge of her bed.

Walking through death alley with her.

At her side in the treatment centre.

Pacing the pharmacy while she picked up her daily dose of methadone or morphine.

Adrianne humanizes drug addiction honestly and authentically. She reveals the truth: no one who is addicted wants to be in the situations we see them in. Vancouver’s downtown east side isn’t a nightmarish place because of addicts. What is really terrifying is the pain that brought people there to addictive behavior.

The Issues At Large (They Aren’t What You Think)

Gabor Mate is quoted saying:

The question is not why the addiction, but why the pain.

-Gabor Mate, Dosed

Drugs receive no glamour or glory in this film. Addiction is treated with seriousness and addicts with non-judgment. Skeptics of the film’s subject matter may view treating addiction with psychedelics as replacing one drug with another.

This misconception of utilizing a replacement drug as a crutch is an illusion that rapidly dissolves. Treating addiction with psychedelics isn’t using a bunch of drugs at a party and chilling with your high friends. It’s a lot more complicated than that.

The experts consulted in the movie are bold in sharing how rapidly even long-term addictions can be overcome with therapy using magic mushrooms and iboga. In days to months people are overcoming cravings for substances they have been enslaved by.

Addiction can be beat when psychedelics are used as medicine, not magic.

The thing is, it’s not easy.

Adrianne isn’t able to enter treatment before taking immensely difficult steps to reduce her consumption of street and prescription drugs. This alone is a massive hurdle to overcome. However, it is necessary for her health and safety as well as to achieve the desired outcome of the treatment…

freedom from addiction.

It is gut-wrenching to watch her struggle through these steps and brings a harsh reality to the forefront…

Most people begin self-medicating with addictive drugs to treat symptoms of things like anxiety and depression. For a while the drugs seem to do the trick. Eventually the symptoms people are trying to escape from return. This can lead to use of stronger street drugs. Often doctors prescribe pharmaceutical drugs as treatment for mental health conditions or to counteract the effects of street drug use.

Unfortunately, there is a big issue with this. People are’t beating their addictions or their mental health conditions and they are not getting better. In fact, they are finding themselves less and less connected to their lives. It’s a cycle that is killing people and the fentanyl crisis is adding flames to the fuel.

Dosed shows how an unconventional solution is changing the way addiction is treated.

Can Magic Mushrooms and a Sacred Medicine from Gabon Really Cure Addiction?

A researcher from Imperial College London’s Center for Psychedelic Research explains that treating addiction with psychedelics (as well as anxiety and depression) is helping people achieve healing in ways conventional treatment is not.

Anti-depressants and opioids make people feel less connected to themselves, the people around them and their lives.

Treatment involving psychedelics does the opposite.

People feel increased connection, more love and are finally breaking down the walls of depression, anxiety and addiction.

When people take cocaine, opiods or anti-depressants, they tend to experience less connection. Psychedelics tend to increase feelings of love and connection.

Without being a spoiler, the filmmakers show that treating addiction with psychedelics (high “macro” doses to break through addiction and microdosing psilocybin magic mushrooms for maintenance and balanced mood after) can be effective.

It brings into light that addiction is a deeply personal and spiritual issue. To revive the spirit we have to treat it spiritually, which is why guided psychedelic therapy can be effective. When you take large doses of psychoactive substances like magic mushrooms and iboga, your ego is set aside and you are able to get a voyeuristic perspective of who you are.

For Adrianne, this felt like a near death experience but it helped her see how much she truly valued her own life. Working alongside experts in psychedelics she was able to work through her experience and emotions and understand she was worthy of self-love. Something she hadn’t felt so strongly, since perhaps the innocence of childhood.

Her new lease on life and feelings of love became more powerful than over 20 years of addiction.

By their unique natures, magic mushrooms and iboga cause increased connectivity between regions of the brain that don’t normally talk to one another. This helps people break through their “default mode network,” their typical thought patterns.

Psychedelics literally change your mind. When spiritual work and ceremony is part of reviving who you really are, even forces as powerful as addiction can be overcome at speeds no other treatment comes close to.

Treating Addiction With Psychedelics Isn’t Magic: What are the Risks?

The psychedelic therapists and professionals in the film aren’t airy-fairy about the risks. Anxiety attacks during therapy, the dangers of being dishonest about drug use prior to treatment, and the fact that confronting addiction is Hell and learning to love yourself again are threatening and hard AF are at the forefront.

The possibility of lasting recovery is real for those who are open-minded and willing to walk a path that is uncomfortable, challenging, filled with deliberate intentions and innately spiritual. The reward for those willing to do the work is, straight up, LIFE.

It’s Not Just an Underground Treatment, it is a Movement (Is it Possible an Illegal, Mind-Changing Drug Will Become Widely Available?)

Without getting political, Dosed demonstrates the importance of always being vigilant about being open to treatments involving Eastern and Western Medicine. It doesn’t cast shade on either philosophy. Rather, Dosed encourages taking the best treatment available to us (with respect for the medicine). Being mindful that quality research, responsible use, and intelligent advocacy will be key to breaking down barriers to treatment for addiction with psychedelics.

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