Derek is our Master Herbalist, providing expert advice to the Neuro Growth team. Honouring the intelligence of nature led Derek to becoming an entrepreneur and purveryor of some of the finest earth offerings available in North America. He has focused his work on implementing ancient herbalism to meet modern needs. Derek loves mushroom hunting and wildcrafting, culinary wizardry, sourdough baking and oolong tea.


Jeff is a superfoods advocate with a special passion for the medicinal properties of mushrooms. If you have tuned into our Neuro Growth YouTube channel, you will recognize him as the friendly face helping the world through our videos. You can often find him advising clients on superfoods and natural healing modalities, teaching classes, gardening, playing hockey and walking through the trees looking for wild mushroom varieties.


We are Neuro Growth, a Canadian media group committed to increasing public awareness about medicinal mushrooms and psychedelic mushrooms for microdosing. We share knowledge primarily through digital media platforms as well as live and online classes.

We have ONE GOAL: to help you discover the power of mushrooms to improve your mental and physical health.

Why We Educate About Microdosing Magic Mushrooms

Many people are not yet aware that psychedelic research is experiencing a new renaissance. 

Studies are being conducted at many prestigious universities including Imperial College London, Johns Hopkins University, University of Toronto and more. Researchers are searching for alternatives to mind and emotion numbing anti-depressants/anxiety medications. They are also helping people break through trauma, PTSD and addictions. What they have preliminarily found is that magic mushrooms (and other psychedelics) could offer alternatives to or even replace conventional mental health pharmaceuticals. 

Microdosing is part of that research and solution. 

Two challenges we have identified in talking about microdosing magic mushrooms are their legal status and stigmas attached to psychedelic use. It is true that magic mushrooms are illegal in almost every country in the world. Researchers have overcome significant hurdles to receive approval and funding to use magic mushrooms in clinical trials. Their ground-breaking work is getting noticed. Neuro Growth are advocates of gaining knowledge and expanding our collective consciousness.

Focusing on Medicinal Mushrooms

We are confident the time will come when companies are legally licensed in many cities, provinces and countries to provide safe and effective magic mushroom products, including microdosing capsules. We have chosen to be part of the movement by sharing educational content about magic mushrooms only- we do not sell any products containing psilocybin (magic) mushrooms or offer referrals to people who do. 

We hope you understand.

In the meantime, we aren’t planning on leaving people who are suffering under the weight of stress, struggling fiercely to be productive, or fighting to gain focus without solutions… 

We are looking into launching our own, 100% natural, FULLY LEGAL, medicinal mushroom product. It is rare but we have all been using it (this has been Derek’s secret weapon for achieving a zen-like state for years). It is the perfect natural solution for stress to accompany you through life. Safe, scientifically studied and verified for active compounds, gentle yet powerful. It’s the closest thing to microdosing, without microdosing.

We can’t wait to reveal what it is to you.

Thanks for Journeying With Us!